BIDALLI Vegan Hyaluronic Pure Cica Serum


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Place of Origin : Korea


BIDALLI Vegan Hyaluronic Pure Cica Serum 01 Concerns : Perfect for people with the following concerns. Various and complicated skin problem and oily/combination skin. Dry skin due to lack of oil-water balance although oily on the outside. Skin prone to acne and sensitive to small external stimuli. Sensitive skin such as tightness, irritation, and dead skin cells. 02 Key Features 1) S.O.S Soothing Solution Ampoule damage & hydration care : CICA ampoule for blackheads,pore convergence, sebum control, hydration 2) Hydrate dry skin, NO Greasy Feeling-a jelly type texture not too heavy or light; easily absorbed andprovide comfortable use. 3) Strengtheningof skin -Improving the skin barrier from the inside and out with the help of key ingredients ; Panthenol / Ceramide NP 4) Cruelty free, Vegan, Clean Cosmetics -Paraben-free, oil-free, Silicone –free, no dyes, no alcohol,no PEG, plant based vegan formulation 03 Main Ingredients -CentellaAsiatica Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Hyaluronicacid#Soothing -Spirulina Platensis Extract #Trouble Care 04 How to use? Pump an appropriate amount (1~2times) and apply gently on to face after washing. Use the ampoule prior to other skincare products (lotion, mask packs, cream, etc.) Recommend 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night.


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