PLODICA Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask


The vegan PLODICA Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask is the perfect solution for sensitive and irritated skin that is stressed by external environmental influences. This cream-gel mask is moisturizing and gently envelops the skin to soothe it comfortably.
Specially formulated for sensitive skin, the Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask provides gentle and soothing care to soothe irritation and irritation. Thanks to its rich moisture supply, your skin feels wonderfully nourished and supple.
Calming effect: The PLODICA Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask has been specially developed for sensitive and irritated skin. Its soothing formulation helps to gently soothe irritation and irritation, leaving skin feeling pleasantly soothed.
Moisturizing: The cream gel mask is enriched with a rich moisturizer that intensely moisturizes the skin and leaves it wonderfully nourished and supple.
Gentle protection: The mask gently envelops the skin and creates a protective barrier that protects the skin from external environmental influences and gives it a pleasant, well-groomed feeling.

Skin Type: Combination skin, Dry skin, Normal Skin, Sensitive skin
Product Type: Mask
Consistency: creamy, rich
Free of: Animal Products
Properties: calming, moisturizing, refreshing, regenerating

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