PLODICA Water-Bag Barrier Cream


The vegan PLODICA Water-Bag Barrier Cream is enriched with the powerful energy of the lotus flower, which has been awakened for 760 years, which gently penetrates the skin and provides sufficient moisture and nutrients without drying out.
For dry, tired and sensitive skin.

The comfortable, slightly acidic formula gently penetrates rough and dry skin and creates a moisturizing skin barrier.
With a 100% vegan formula, it supports healthy skin care without irritation.
Contains 80% Nelumbo Nucifera Callus Culture Extract for deep hydration and a supple skin texture.
Keeps the skin in a healthy condition with a pH of 5-6.5.
Main ingredients:
Nelumbo Nucifera Callus Culture Extract: full of moisture energy, helps to provide hydration and impart vitality.
Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Cell Culture Powder & Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract strengthen the skin barrier with Flodica's patented ingredients.
Panthenol: strengthens the skin barrier and forms a moisturizing film.
Citrus Junos Seed Extract: gives the skin elasticity and vitality.
Apply and gently pat in as the final step in your skincare routine.

Skin Type: Dry skin, Normal Skin, Sensitive skin
Product Type: Cream / Gel
Consistency: creamy
Free of: Animal Products
Properties: calming, moisturizing, refreshing, regenerating

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