CELL HAPPY CO Vita C Ampoule Serum 7.3g*5ea


- Product name "Vita-C ampolue serum"


Vitamin capsul and glutathione serum help make  transparent and clear skin with visible dark spots and blemish care.


It protects substance susceptible to extemal environments like Vitamin C with double core shell stabilization technology and delivers the fresh capulized powder in optimal combination fo granuels.


Vitamin capsule

Double core shell stabilization technology' protects vitamin C, susceptible to external environments. The highly enriched nutritions in granule shape of capsulized powder refreshes your shaggy and tired skin and improves elasticity and wrinkle care effect.


High-concentration serum with peptide

Glutatione with strong effect to strengthen skin barrier and purification helps make transparent and clear skin with care of dark spot and blemish.




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