1. Eau de toilette solid perfume with a fragrance ratio of 8% or more
2. A vegan certified perfume that excludes animal ingredients and animal testing
3. Two scents using the same perfume as the niche perfume
4. No alcohol, solid perfume blended with vegetable oil
5. Perfume that can be safely carried in the form of a stick

Green Forest : Green Forest, a new mood fragrance that combines the fragrance of pink Bulgarian rose and the bitterness of chic black currant. It is a fragrance that can be used regardless of gender and is good for creating a sophisticated atmosphere. A luxurious and unique fragrance that reminds you of a riverside flower garden.

Fruit Garden : A fruit garden with a sensual and warm charm by adding floral to sweet fruity and calm cedarwood. It has a soft scent and is good for casual use. The scent of fresh fruit gives a refreshing charm and leaves a soft aftertaste like the gentle spring breeze.

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