PLODICA Good To Refreshing Cleansing Oil


The vegetable oils in this cleansing oil ensure a thorough cleansing without drying out your skin. No tightness or dryness here! Instead, you will experience refreshed, cleared and nourished skin.

No matter what skin type you are, the PLODICA Good To Refreshing Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types. You will feel pampered after use with a pleasantly moisturizing feeling on the skin.
Application: Massage into the skin with dry hands, also remove eye and lip make-up with it. Emulsify with a little water, then rinse thoroughly.

Skin Type: Combination skin, Dry skin, Normal Skin, Oily skin
Product Type: Cleanser
Consistency: oily
Free of: Animal Products
Properties: cleansing, moisturizing, refreshing, regulating

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